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Harvey & Binnall, PLLC

Harvey & Binnall, PLLC is a boutique litigation law firm that represents clients throughout the Virginia-Maryland-DC region and in jurisdictions nationwide. Our team has a reputation as aggressive advocates who succeed in reaching our clients’ goals through hard work, meticulous preparation and excellent service.


Why Choose Harvey & Binnall?

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Trial advocates

We prepare every case as though it is going to trial, which gives us an advantage during settlement negotiations and lets our opponents know we are in the case to win.

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We have a history of reaching successful results for our clients as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Our meticulous attention to detail is why we deliver top-notch work at the level our clients expect and deserve.

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We consider the full picture when resolving a dispute and take measures to mitigate damages to reputation and career and to keep costs low without compromising results.

What We Do

Business and Commercial Disputes

A lingering dispute can cost a company time, money and goodwill. Our firm is aggressive in pursuing resolutions to business disputes as efficiently as possible to reach the best possible results. We prepare for every case as though it is going to trial. Our focus on diligent trial preparation makes us formidable opponents in the courtroom and gives us an edge during settlement negotiations. Opposing counsel knows that we will zealously pursue our clients’ goals.

Our business and commercial disputes division handles complex government contracts, commercial leases, contract disputes, business torts, technology issues, defamation and corporate litigation. We handle complex commercial matters in the fast-paced Virginia courts and in jurisdictions throughout the country.

Employment Law

Employment relationships are governed by a vast body of complex laws. The laws that apply to small businesses are different that those that apply to midsize and larger companies. Our attorneys understand the nuances of the laws and regulations related to discrimination, harassment, FMLA, wage and hour rules, commissions and termination to deliver strong representation to employees and employers.

We take a two-tiered approach when representing businesses in employment law matters. First, we counsel businesses about creating policies and processes that avoid disputes. Second, we act decisively to resolve disputes that arise in the workplace as expeditiously and equitably as possible.

White Collar Criminal Defense

A person charged with a white-collar crime faces imprisonment, fines and damage to reputation and career. Even a criminal investigation can be devastating. For this reason, anyone who believes he or she is the target of an investigation should not delay in retaining legal counsel.

It is often possible for our lawyers to often help our clients avoid prosecution altogether. If charges are filed, we vigorously advocate for clients.

Privacy Law

Privacy is a fundamental right that is increasingly under attack. Data stored on electronic devices or transmitted through the Internet is less secure than people realize until the government issues a subpoena or unlawfully retrieves the electronic communications. Our law firm advocates for our clients’ rights to keep their information private and confidential from government intrusion.

Civil Rights and Political Law

The Constitution is the backbone of our legal system. Our firm takes on large institutions, such as universities, education departments and government bureaucracies, to fight for our clients’ fundamental rights to free speech, due process and privacy guaranteed under the Constitution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration is often more cost-effective and expeditious than litigation. Our attorneys recommend alternative dispute resolution, when feasible, to save time and money while allowing us to make a strong argument and present solid evidence on our clients’ behalf to reach a binding decision.

With Harvey & Binnall,
We Make a Great Team

Brillant Attorney - Willing to fight for his clients

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Jesse Binnall is a very smart attorney who will find holes in your opponent’s case. He kept me focused on the main issues and not get distracted by side issues that did not matter for my case. I highly recommend him and will use him again for all my future endeavors. – Dimitri

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