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Is Your Trade Secret Legally Entitled to Protection?

Litigation By Harvey Binnall PLLC - 2020/01/17 at 12:07pm

Experienced Business Litigation Attorney in Alexandria, VA Many business owners are confused as to the legal protections granted to trade secrets, and whether their specific “secretive” information will be entitled to such protection.  Under the law, protected trade secrets may not be misappropriated by third-parties — should that happen, the business (that owns the trade secret) will have a right of action for damages. It’s important to recognize that a trade secret must meet the following criteria to entitle its owner to protection under the law: It must be economically advantageous; It must be confidential; and Reasonable efforts must have […]

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Bringing a Lawsuit for the Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

Litigation By Harvey Binnall PLLC - 2020/01/03 at 11:55am

Experienced Business Litigation Attorney in Alexandria, VA Businesses cannot always rely on patents or copyright to protect their intellectual property.  In some cases, information valuable to the company — perhaps even central to its business proposition — is kept shrouded in secrecy and protected.  Legally speaking, these protected secrets are referred to as “trade secrets.”  One popular example of a trade secret is the original Coca-Cola soda recipe.  If Coca-Cola did not exclusively control the recipe, then the value of their branded product would drop precipitously, as others could simply copy and reproduce their product. Fortunately, the law provides businesses […]

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Title IX Burden of Proof in the Wake of the 2011 “Dear Colleague Letter”

Title IX By Harvey Binnall PLLC - 2019/12/20 at 09:57pm

If you or a loved one has been accused of Title IX sexual misconduct, then this could lead to an investigation that could lead to significant negative ramifications — not only could there be academic penalties that include expulsion, but you could be forever-gained with the label of a sex offender in your community (despite your innocence) due to the loose standards and procedures typical of a Title IX dispute. For the most part, Title IX investigations did not lead to particularly egregious outcomes until 2011, when the Obama Administration released the “Dear Colleague Letter,” which served as new guidance […]

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Common Strategies in Defending Against a Title IX Accusation

Title IX By Harvey Binnall PLLC - 2019/11/29 at 09:52pm

If you or a loved one is facing an accusation of sexual misconduct pursuant to Title IX, then it’s reasonable to be concerned about the outcome — a Title IX case can lead to significant academic penalties (such as expulsion, suspension, and/or mandatory counseling) and if a guilty verdict is reached, then the accused student may be labeled as a sex offender, a stigma that could have a negative impact on their ability to integrate into normal society and even secure a thriving career into the future. Confused about the accusations and what comes next?  Contact a Title 9 attorney […]

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